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Alastair Brown (b. 1995) is a young and accomplished artist known for his striking portraits, still-life paintings, and figurative works. Trained in the classical techniques of painting and drawing, he creates works that capture the essence and character of his subjects with a rare sensitivity and skill.


Alastair’s desire for knowledge of oil painting technique led him to pursue further training at the prestigious London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA), where he studied under Nicholas Chaundy and honed his skills in traditional oil painting techniques. Since completing the 3-year atelier training in 2019, he has established his studio in Cheshire, UK, where he devotes his time to creating new artworks and fulfilling commissions, as well as providing private tuition to the next generation of aspiring artists.


Whether working on a commission or a personal project, Alastair brings a keen eye and a rigorous technique to every painting. His works are marked by their exquisite attention to detail, and profound emotional resonance, making them both timeless and contemporary in their appeal.



17th- 20th November 2022
Edinburgh Art Fair 
Exhibiting with Heriot Gallery, Edinburgh

10th- 12th June 2022
Fresh Art Fair -  Cheltenham

Exhibiting with Heriot Gallery, Edinburgh

10th- 13th March 2022
Battersea Spring - Affordable Art Fair
Exhibiting with Heriot Gallery, Edinburgh 

19th- 21st November 2021
The Manchester Art Fair
Exhibiting with Heriot Gallery, Edinburgh 

6th- 8th August 2021
Fresh Art Fair - Cheltenham
Exhibiting with The Sinclair Gallery, London

5th- 11th July 2021
Hampstead Art Society Summer Exhibition
Exhibiting with The Fitzrovia Gallery, London

18th September 2020- 21st November 2021
New Light Prize Exhibition

20th- 29th February 2020
RBA Annual Exhibition
Mall Galleries, London
A trio of Plums- Highly Commended, de Laszlo Foundation Prize

15th July- 15th September 2019
Long Live Rembrandt
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam "


 "The in-depth analysis of life, from the colours within colours to the subtle changes in shape and gesture, has forever changed the way in which I see and interact with the world." 

- Alastair J. L. Brown

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