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“ Alastair's mastery of color, composition, and especially light are astounding. Still, these components all come together so seamlessly that I forget to examine artistic elements and just soak in the mesmerising final product. To top it all off, in discussing the commission, Alastair collaborated with me in a way that was both accessible and elevating to my untrained eye. A remarkable combination of skill and character!"
Grant Emery

Alastair is available for commissions over a broad range of subject matter. He likes to work closely with clients at the initial stages of a painting to understand what the individual is looking for in the commissioned artwork. He then uses his experience to guide and develop these ideas further.


For Portraits in Oils:

Alastair creates exquisite, realistic portraits working from life, photographs, or a combination of the two. He is flexible to meet his client's needs, whether that means meeting with them to photograph the sitter at his studio or a location of their choice, or working from the client's images. In addition, Alastair's exceptional skills and experience enable him to create colour portraits from black and white images.


For Charcoal Drawings:

Alastair's charcoal drawings are works of art in their own right, He skilfully combines the use of charcoal and chalk on toned water-colour paper, working with light and darks to give his drawings depth and dimension. uses high-resolution reference images to create these works.


For Equine and Animal Portraits:

Alastair has a special affinity for horses and dogs and offers bespoke portraits tailored to clients' needs. He can work from the client's photographs or his own, capturing the subject's character and unique features. Alastair's portraits are a true reflection of the subject, capturing their essence in every stroke.



Alastair provides a guide price upon inquiry, and after the final design has been agreed upon, a final price will be provided, and an agreement signed. The painting will commence upon receipt of the deposit. Paintings can be commissioned with or without a frame, and Alastair offers a wide range of moulding options to suit each client's taste. All paintings are shipped in a secure wooden crate, while drawings are shipped flat.

For a quote or more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with Alastair.

Email:   Tel: +44 (0)7711 154118

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