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A Master copy of Sir Anthony van Dyck 1640 self-portrait. The original is one of three known self-portraits painted by van Dyck when he was in England, and it probably dates from the last years of his life. The artist shows himself fashionably dressed but apparently in the act of painting, the line of his right shoulder and sleeve suggesting his hand raised in the process of applying paint to a canvas just out of sight. This Master copy was painted using the same materials and technique as van Dyck, Painted whilst the artist was studying At London Atelier of Representational Art.


Original Artwork

  • Oil on Linen
  • 77 H x 60 W cm (Framed)
  • Framed
  • Ready to hang
  • Artwork shipped in a secure crate


For more information please contact Alastair. 

Van Dyck Master Copy